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Praveg Beach Resort Jampore: Escape into Nature

From time immemorial man’s attraction to natural water bodies brings him close to oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. The aquatic phenomenon boasts an irresistible charm and people happily succumb to that beauty. Gujarat, with its largest coastal line of nearly 1600 km, has always been a major tourist attraction in western India. People from all over the country visit religious shrines like Dwarka and Somnath not just because of their divine presence but also for their alluring locations. In addition to the two pilgrimage sites, Diu and Daman have gained popularity as exotic tourist spots.

Praveg Beach Resort Daman: If You are Enamoured of Sea Waters

If you are enamoured with sea waters, this beach resort at Daman is your perfect getaway. Unlike other sea-side resorts, which are claimed to be beach resorts, this will surprise you with its close proximity to the beach. A few steps from the resort and you will actually run into the waters of the Arabian ocean. Such is the charm of this beach resort that you barely get any chance to explore the beautiful destinations of Daman.

Praveg Beach Resort Daman: If Sea Waves Are in Your Veins…

Praveg Beach Resort Daman is a luxury resort facing Arabian sea in the west coast of India. The resort boasts luxurious machan and independent cottages. Tourists can experience ultimate luxury and comfort while relishing sun, sand, sea, and seclusion.

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